I would like to list only directories (including hidden) in a given directory (for example /etc/) if I'm not in this directory.

If I want to list all directories, including hidden I use the command:

ls -d */ .*/

I wanted to use this command to list all directories in /etc.

ls /etc

I can do this, but I wanted to combine it with the first one, listing only directories.

ls -d */ .*/ /etc


ls /etc -d */ .*/

don't work. Why?

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It doesn't work because */ and .*/ are not arguments that are passed directly to ls - instead, they are globs that are expanded by the shell, giving a list of matching filenames in the current directory that are themselves passed to ls

The equivalent for a different directory (/etc say) would be

ls -d /etc/*/ /etc/.*/

If your shell supports brace expansion, you can write that more compactly as

ls -d /etc/{,.}*/
find /etc/ -maxdepth 1 -type d

Use above command to list only directories including hidden directory being in some other directory

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