I saw this example of a find command:

find -type f -exec ex -sc '%s/abc/def/g' -cx {} ';'

I understand everything up to -cx. what does:

{} ';'

mean? Is that part of the ex command or part of the find command?


`It is part of the find command. From man find (at the actions part):

-exec command {} ;

At the end, an example of the command line:

find . -type f -exec file '{}' \;

The {} and ; parts are escaped to avoid interpretation by the shell.
They mean:

`{}` The file name resulting from the find command.
`;`  End of command line executed by find.

In most modern find implementations you can also use + instead of ; to indicate that {} should be replaced with as many arguments as possible for each invocation of the command.

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