I have a text file with the following format:

Item A,10-20
Item B,21-30
Item C,31-60
Item D,61-120

how can I search the file with any number and I get the line returned that includes the number given by the range in the second field.

so lets say I search for 33 I get Item C
if I search for 100 I get Item D and so on...

(my question does not focus on the field separation but rather on matching the line within the range, so if I would get the whole line displayed this would be fine)

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Shorter awk:

$ awk -F'[,-]' -v s=11 's>=$2 && s<=$3' file1
Item A,10-20

$ awk -F'[,-]' -v s=100 's>=$2 && s<=$3' file1
Item D,61-120

$ awk -F'[,-]' -v s=61 's>=$2 && s<=$3' file1
Item D,61-120

As mentioned in comments if you want to print only the labels just add {print $1} in the end:

$ awk -F'[,-]' -v s=61 's>=$2 && s<=$3{print $1}' file1
Item D
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    ok, you convinced me with the shortness :-)
    – nath
    Jan 13, 2018 at 23:33
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    Ah, I forgot awk can use a regex as a field separator. You could still add { print $1} to just print the label.
    – ilkkachu
    Jan 13, 2018 at 23:33

Something like this?

$ awk -vval=33  -F, '{ label = $1; split($2, limits, "-"); } 
                     limits[1]+0 <= val && val <= limits[2]+0 {print label} ' < input
Item C

We just split on , to separate the label, then split on - to separate the low and high limits. +0 to force comparison as numbers.


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