I'm wondering how to use the "classic" GNU tools instead of BusyBox ones for a specific command.

The command I want to act like on a classic Linux is mount, but I think it's the same for every command stripped in BusyBox binary.

My problem is that I'm deploying a project calling mount -c ... and -c option is not recognized by Busybox and I don't want to modify project's sources.

I have seen that I could disable the integration of mount in busybox by running make busybox-menuconfig however I can't find mount inside buildroot menuconfig.
I didn't find any information about using "classic" GNU tools from buildroot neither.

Does anybody know how to use "clasic" mount command and keeping busybox for others ?


Does busybox also remap file paths? In other words, do:

# mount -c blah /dev/blah

work the same as:

# /bin/mount -c blah /dev/blah

Always use absolute paths to all applications when writing a script that will run as root.

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  • Though your answer may solve OP's problem, it doesn't answer the question at all. I think OP wanted the GNU mount instead of BusyBox mount in Buildroot options. – Wesley Mar 16 '18 at 6:05

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