How to add some text before another with sed? With GNU sed on linux I can make it like that:

sed -i "/\;Marker/i some text" conffile

It puts "some text" before ";Marker". But in FreeBSD I get an error:

sed: 1: "/conffile ...": extra characters at the end of l command

I need analog to use it in FreeBSD.


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found this way:

sed -i'' -e $'/Marker/i\\\nblahblah\\\n' file


sed -i'' -e '/Marker/i\'$'\n''blahblah'$'\n' file
  • I think you only need to add an argument to the -i option, the rest of the script looks okay to me: sed -i '' '/;Marker/i some text' conffile. If your own answer works, accept it to close the question.
    – Philippos
    Jan 15, 2018 at 16:26

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