I'm trying to get DSR on busybox (to get terminal size), but echo '\x1b[6n' does not report anything, it outputs \x1b[6n.


I see two issues:

  1. To make echo handle escape sequences you need to add the option -e. This isn't a speciality of the BusyBox shell, it applies to bash and other implementations, too.
  2. Deducting from this SO question the ANSI code should be \x1b[6n.

Additionally it may be a good idea to suppress the finishing newline. Putting it all together I think the call should look as follows:

echo -en "\x1b[6n"

BusyBox limitations

Older versions of BusyBox don't support \e and \x escape sequences in echo; in this case \033 must be used. This seems to be fixed in 1.23.1.

Make sure to set the following in the configuration:

  • Busybox Settings
    • Busybox Library Tuning
      • Query cursor position from terminal → enabled

SSH/PuTTY limitations

SSH swallows the returned position. To see the answer in your remote terminal you can use

echo -en "\e[6n"; cat

and press Ctrl + C after that.

  • Sorry, missing [ was a typo. I've tried both with or without -e and no success. I have no problem doing it on Linux, but when I copypaste the same code to Busybox, it does nothing. So this is Busybox specific problem. – rebolek Jan 12 '18 at 12:18

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