Can anyone suggest a CLI only light linux distro? I got a very old machine has 256Ram and 120Gb of HDD. I would like to turn this into a file server only so I can watch movies using my phone.

I don't need a GUI/Desktop Manager. I'll be installing only nginx, php-fpm

PS: I tried DSL, Pupply, TinyCore but I don't like them as they use 80% of my ram after install. I tried install centos 6 minimal but it fails to install because my RAM is too small.

Can you recommend something smaller than them that runs only on CLI. Ubuntu server needs big memory so I remove it on my list.

Note: The current OS of the machine is the MicroXP (used 30% of mem) which runs well but I like to switch for linux for better firewall security.

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  • I was looking at raspbian stretch but it seems like it's not design for PC. Any recommendation? – Edang Jeorlie Jan 11 '18 at 5:45

Try installing arch or linux from scratch. You can choose not to install any desktop environment or window manager and they have good learning curve as well.

  • I visited before the linux from scratch and I'm thinking of building one but I don't have a time now for that yet... – Edang Jeorlie Jan 11 '18 at 22:14
  • The go for arch, it will take less time. – MIB Jan 12 '18 at 5:13

Debian 8 will do it, haven't updated my play vms (which are all 256mb ram) to 9 yet or done a fresh install - been on a BSD kick.

To be honest, I'd also consider getting a Raspberry Pi for this task - will use LOTS less power, be quieter, have more resources, etc.

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