I want to display the total time of the current MPD playlist in vimus, or if that's not possible, at least on the command-line (so I can display it in i3bar). How do I do that?


Found it, with the help of a friend. This solution ignores the time already elapsed in the current song, but heh, good enough. In the command-line:

mpc playlist -f '%time%' | tr ':' ' ' | awk '
    BEGIN {i = 0}
    {i += $1*60 + $2}
        if (int(i/3600) > 0)
            print int(i/3600) "h " int((i%3600)/60) "m " int(i%60) "s"
        else if (int(i) > 0)
            print int((i%3600)/60) "m " int(i%60) "s"
            print "(empty)"

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