Looking through the Vagrant Box Catalog I am wondering how one can obtain more information about certain available 'boxes' (images).

There are profile pages, but often they are very sparse.


  • generic/fedora27 - who is behind the 'generic' user profile? HashiCorp?
  • centos/7 - profile is incomplete; at least each release text links to the official CentOS Blog such that one can verify that CentOS is behind this box

In general, I also want to have a look at the playbook source that was used to generate a specific Vagrant box image. Is there a generic way to look it up?

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    There is a related post Who creates the "generic" Vagrant boxes? on the Vagrant mailinglist (2017-11). The thread doesn't answer the posted question and the replies by the HashiCorp support guy are of the neither-confirm-nor-deny type. – maxschlepzig Jan 14 '18 at 18:16

HashiCorp image storage platform requires to provide only email address to store images, check it yourself: https://app.vagrantup.com/account/new

During image uploading process you may provide MarkDown text information optionally.

You should audit images before using it. If you can't find appropriate information - don't use image.

You can upload your own image to https://app.vagrantup.com and use them as:


There is config.vm.box_download_checksum and config.vm.box_download_checksum_type so you can ensure that no one tampers images.

Also you can provide direct link to your image hosted elsewhere:

vagrant add http://mycorp.com/vbox/alpine.box

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