I want to check which process taking highest I/O. To be exact I want to check which process doing the highest write operation and how much.

I know there are some tools like iotop. But as I have to work without a sudo and a foreign environment with very limited privilege I want to know how can I achieve this with built-in tools like ps. I want something like the following which I use to find CPU/Memory usage,

$ps -eo pid,command,%cpu,%mem --sort=-%cpu

Update: After trying several ways I found that I can't read /proc/[pid]/io file due to lack of privillage so no way to get I/O without proper privilege I guess.

 $cd /proc/; for i in $(ls | egrep -o ^\[0-9\]*); do cat $i/io; done
 cat: 1/io: Permission denied
 cat: 10/io: Permission denied
 cat: 10284/io: Permission denied
 cat: 11/io: Permission denied
 cat: 1174/io: Permission denied
 cat: 12/io: Permission denied
  • I think it looks like to be impossible to do, but there is no cause for downvotes.... – Luciano Andress Martini Jan 9 '18 at 20:31

The problem is that you do not have access to this information as ordinary user for other users' processes.

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  • Hmm that makes sense. But if I can see their cpu/memory usage then why I can't see their i/o usage? – muhammad Jan 9 '18 at 20:41

Below command list top resource consuming process

ps axo %cpu,%mem,command,pid | sort -nr | head

Below command show the statistics of disk io rate.


For particular disk io rates use below command

iostat -d diskname

Below are imp tools used to monitor disk io rates

1. Iostat
2. Iozone
3. SAR
4. vmstat
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  • This will show the changes in disk-IO every 0.1s: watch -n.1 -d iostat – rubo77 May 14 at 4:58

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