Do I need port 993 unfiltered to get emails from a WordPress site?

For example, in WordPress I've installed a plugin called "Contact form 7" (CF7) that gives you a basic contact form.

In the plugin settings you can insert your email (say, example@gmail.com) and messages left in your WordPress CF7 contact form will be forwarded to your private email by this plugin.

I've filtered all port besides 22, 80, 443, 993, and 9000.

Do I really need port 993 unfiltered for the trivial contact form behavior I just described?


You most likely won't need it.

Port 993 is related to IMAP, which implies email clients (mutt, thunderbird, ...) connecting to their mailboxes on your server.

Assuming from your question, you're looking to setup a smtp relay, hence do not need to allow in traffic for potential clients - and probably won't have a service listening on these anyway.

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