I just freshly installed Ubuntu on my ASUS Aspire E15. It's alongside a Windows installation.

Roughly 10 minutes into my boot (maybe longer), everything will just freeze. I can move the mouse but no shortcuts work and no programs respond. I have to hold the power button to turn the computer off, then boot again. I think it may be related to a problem with git. I am trying to git pull in the background.

How would I go about determining what is causing the freezes?

  • I won't be able to help you (not a sysadmin and I don't have ubuntu nor asus), but... Have you checked the logs? Are you positive "everything" has frozen? or is it just the desktop environment? After the freeze, can you drop to a command line and investigate? People will not help you if your question basically reads "use a magical crystal ball to supernaturally debug my system on which I will give no useful information" :) – giorgiga Jan 20 '18 at 9:21
  • BTW: doesn't seem likely that's related to git - does it always happen when you use git? – giorgiga Jan 20 '18 at 9:24

i faced this problem before on my ASUS , it seems that the problem was on DE i was using Ubuntu MATE after that i installed xfce and the problem ends i don't know why MATE freezes and what causes this problem if you want to install xfce just on your terminl sudo apt-get install xfce4 and then logout and on the login screen you can switch between your current DE and xfce i also advise you to use just simple window manager like openbox see that assemble minimal fast DE it will help you customize your own DE

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