Please note, I did not write any of these script, Java code, or the application and I am restricted as to what I can modify in these scripts.

I have a Bash script that starts a Java console /foo/bar/myscript.sh. Specified inside, it calls to start the Java console but prompts for a password before the shell is launched. I am trying to pass a command into the Java console that executes a backup procedure for an application.

Is there a way to run the script which passes the password? The password is not set via Bash but somewhere in Java and I don't know the variable name.

Is there also a way to pass the Java method in the same line? This is the normal, manual process:

  1. ./myScript.sh
  2. Please enter password: myPassword
  3. javaConsole % backup.method("/backup/dir");

Obviously this isn't correct but ideally, a command would go like this:
echo myPassword | ./myscript.sh | backup.method("/backup/dir");

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Expect, probably, as this can spawn your script, answer the password prompt, and then I'm not sure what your Java console prompt looks like or what exactly it expects, but:

#!/usr/bin/env expect
spawn -noecho ./myScript.sh
expect -ex password
send -raw "Hunter2\r"
expect -ex javaConsole
send -raw "backup.method(\"/backup/dir\");\r"
# and either you'll need to wait or interact with the java
# to keep it running...

You could also run a trial session with autoexpect and then see what that generates for automation.

echo 'myPassword
/backup/dir' | /foo/bar/myscript.sh
  • The problem with this is it needs to be invoked in a single command strung together. The above solution seems to work. The application I'm launching is quirky.
    – Greg
    Jan 10, 2018 at 20:18

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