I'm new to RHEL and I use python as my programming language.

IDLE seems to me a good editor for my programs. In case of debian (which i used previously) I know how to install this. But, the package installer command apt doesn't work here.

  • What distribution are you using? There isn't any specific thing as "redhat" — there is Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Fedora, which is sponsored by Red Hat. – mattdm Jan 8 '18 at 17:19
  • I am using RHEL.Sorry,i forgot to mention that! – taurus05 Jan 8 '18 at 17:47

There are two separate questions here:

  1. Apt analog for RedHat systems. If you use RedHat, CentOS or analog, it is yum. If it is Fedora, yum and dnf are usually present, with preference to the latter one.

  2. IDLE presence. According to this, IDLE is available in python-tools, but first you should install epel-release package to reach EPEL repository. Exact package name is python34-tools, provided you need Python3.


You would just enter yum install python3 at the console as this includes python libs and the editor.

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