Looking around on the internet I found a few screenshots of customized GRUB installations with a background image set, is that possible? How can I do that?


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The Ubuntu wiki has a detailed guide. First, you need to make sure the image is in the right format: a 256-color non-indexed RGB JPEG. GRUB checks a number of different places for background settings, and it varies by version; here is the first place checked for two versions:


Open /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme, look for the WALLPAPER= line, and set it to the correct path:


1.99 and up

Open /etc/default/grub and add a new GRUB_BACKGROUND line:


Update the grub configuration file:

  • I hate to necromance, but for Debian in 2024, WALLPAPER is set in /usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background.sh.
    – stanm
    Commented Mar 22 at 18:10

Just put any image under /boot/grub/ and run

sudo update-grub

There is this program grub-customizer: https://answers.launchpad.net/grub-customizer/+faq/1397.

It can also change the fonts color, the fonts, edit all the entries and more.
Your distribuition may have the package so you don' t have to build it.

If you want only to change the image you can do as suggested by user126697:

Just put the image under /boot/grub/ and run

sudo update-grub

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