So ages ago I knew how to do this but now I have forgot the last command.

So for some odd reason alot of python apps I compile to the system and not just python apps don´t have uninstall options in the MAKEFILE. So someone told me to run python setup.py install --record installed-locations.txt instead of the usuall python setup.py install. I am awear I could go and look at that text file and delete each file manually with rm but I remember there was a command that ould look into that text file and automaticly remove them for me. The issue is I don´t remember this command.

Does anyone know what command I am talking about or know of a command that could do this?


Found it. cat files.txt | xargs rm -rf

So in summory to uninstall apps from system compiled with python follow these steps

1) Download the source code for the exsact version of said app if you do not have it already

2) Extract the file and cd into the extracted files

3) Run as root python setup.py install --record files.txt

4) Now run as root cat files.txt | xargs rm -rf

The application should now be uninstalled. If need be go clean up all the config and setting files in your home directory to regain some more space.

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