I installed dovecot and with it came a tool called maildirlock that I would like to use. It's not in PATH, but it is in /nix/store. Multiple times in different versions, of course (and they can be found with find /nix/store/ -iname "maildirlock").

How do I identify the version matching the currently installed (and running) dovecot? What is the idiomatic way for doing so? Is there a tool for this?


The package puts it in ${pkgs.dovecot}/libexec/dovecot/maildirlock, so it's not even in directory that is normally put on $PATH.

You can certainly work around it in some ways, e.g. modify your configuration.nix accordingly:

systemPackages = [
  (pkgs.runCommand "maildirlock" {}
    "mkdir -p $out/bin && ln -s ${pkgs.dovecot}/libexec/dovecot/maildirlock $out/bin/"
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    For me the take away message is that pkgs.dovecot evaluates to the correct path in /nix/store where dovecot and thus maildirlock is installed. Thanks! – phdoerfler Jan 3 '18 at 22:22

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