I am runnning a Debian Stretch distribution with Cinnamon graphical interface.

I use this command to turn off the display

 xset dpms force off

It is useful to me when I want to sleep and just launch a video without being perturbed by the light of my screen. Note that if the mouse pointer is active (moves), then the display is turn on.


If the video is launched by VLC or Totem Movie Player, all is working fine.

If the video is launched by mplayer, I have to add the line


to my configuration file ~.mplayer/mplayer.conf and it's fine.

But I would like to use the mpv player and I don't know how to configure it so that mpv doesn't change dpms setting.

It is related to the question : Debian DPMS - Mplayer which solves the problem with mplayer.

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