I need to a ssh proxy server using a ssh keypair that I created specifically for it (not my default id_rsa keypair). I see from the ssh MAN file that there is a -i option that I can use to specify the new ssh keypair that I want to use.

I'm not sure how to actually invoke the -i option (I can't seem to find examples of the option in use). If this is the standard ssh command, how would I add the option? For the purpose of this question, assume that my new keypair is called id_custom.

ssh -N -D 8080 username@proxy.server.com

I tried adding identityfile=/Users/username/.ssh/id_custom to the end and it didn't work. (I saw this option in ssh - How to specify key in SSHFS?).

  • A colleague helped me out. It looks like this is the solution: ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_custom -N -D 8080 username@proxy.server.com – Paul Jacobson Jan 2 '18 at 7:22
  • You may find this answer useful. – Kamil Maciorowski Nov 4 '18 at 21:00

For AWS EC2 ssh, I use it like this:

ssh -i mykeypair.pem *user_name*@ec2-*publicDNS.zone*.compute.amazonaws.com

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