$ emerge --info | grep ruby 
..... RUBY_TARGETS="ruby23" ...... 

And I run emerge with --newuse and --deep, it will ask me to add use flag with ruby22. These packages are not in @system.

These packages are:

>=virtual/rubygems-14 ruby_targets_ruby22
>=dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1 ruby_targets_ruby22
>=dev-ruby/rubygems-2.7.4 ruby_targets_ruby22

These packages have use flag ruby_targets_ruby23, and must I install them with ruby22?

If I remove these use flag with ruby22, it will notify a conflict.

If I run emerge with --depclean, there is nothing to remove.

And the same with python, I have no flag with python3_6 and python3_4, but it always installs them.


The reason of ruby is that minitest & rdoc package are use stable version.

The reason of python is that a flag use pdf which depends package only can use python3_4 in stable version.

There are too many dependancies, I decide to use the stable version and also install test version.

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