I know crm utility command has been people's preferred method to manage clusters when it comes to High Availability with corosync & pacemaker. Now, its been deprecated and we are told to work with pcs utility commands which suppose to do all sort of things that we used to do with crm.

Now what I am troubling with is to find the pcs equivalent command to;

crm node attribute <node_name> set <resource_name> <some_parameters>.

If I try with pcs node, there is no any such command set available.

I am at CentOS 7.2 version & working with Percona master-slave cluster.

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Are you sure? I have it in PCS version 0.9.158 (CentOS 7.4):

# pcs node attribute --help

Usage: pcs node <command>
    attribute [[<node>] [--name <name>] | <node> <name>=<value> ...]
        Manage node attributes.  If no parameters are specified, show attributes
        of all nodes.  If one parameter is specified, show attributes
        of specified node.  If --name is specified, show specified attribute's
        value from all nodes.  If more parameters are specified, set attributes
        of specified node.  Attributes can be removed by setting an attribute
        without a value.

Also, crmsh isn't deprecated. It's still an active project: https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh

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    Thanks for looking into this from your valuable time. Yes, that was my bad as I did not check the updated version. Mine had pcs version 0.9.143. But when I update it to 0.9.158, it works. Jan 4, 2018 at 4:04

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