I am using a legacy version of Red Hat that uses KDE 3.5.4. I do not have the ability to install additional software. I have become rather addicted to the modern windowing feature of snapping to half-screen; it utilizes widescreen monitor resources well. Is there a way I can achieve this in KDE 3 other than manually dragging them to fit half-screen every time?

(I have already figured out how to make the windows fill the screen only vertically.)


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KDE 3 does not have the snap-to-halfscreen feature. If you cannot install other software, then you will not have access the the feature.

However, your life can be made easier by middle- and right- clicking on the maximise button of the window chrome. Middle-click will maximise vertically, and right-click will maximise horizontally. You then only need resize one dimension, not two.


Not in 3.5, this answer is just for reference.

in KDE 4.4, drag windows to the screen edge.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts:

System Settings -> Shortcuts and Gestures -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts

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