I am trying to setup a dual monitor environment on the Arch linux (4.14 kernel, Xorg and KDE run without any errors). My machine uses Intel i5-6500 (Skylake) with onboard HD530 graphics. the motherboard is ASUS Z170M with VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. I want to connect two 1280x1024 monitors, one via DVI and one via VGA.

When I launch $ xrandr -q it shows that I have DP1 (display port), HDMI1, HDMI2 and VIRTUAL1 outputs, which is totally incorrect. DP1 is the active one (VGA monitor).

I tried to manipulate HDMI1, HDMI2 and VIRTUAL1 outputs hoping that one of them is my DVI output, but monitor stayed black and xrandr reported that these outputs are disconnected/do not support modes.

What do I do? Seeing that my outputs are not detected correctly I am not sure what should I write into xorg.conf

Edit: Both monitors work during boot, UEFI setup menu and bootloader - they display the same picture. The first monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 971p (only 1 DVI port) and the seconds is LG FLATRON L1950SQ (only 1 VGA port). Samsung (DVI) shuts down right after bootloader even if it is the only connected monitor. It works fine with other computers.

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