I would like to try and get my Mac (OS X 10.12.6) to set a poweron time in terminal, 1 minute from running the code.

So far I can get a specific time by inputting

date -v+1M

And I can get a specific power time by inputting

sudo pmset schedule poweron "mm/dd/yyyy hh:MM:SS"

But I would like to combine them and get my Mac to run

sudo pmset schedule poweron "date -v+1M"

And then run sudo shut down now.

Effectively telling my Mac to turn itself back on in 1 minutes time.

Help? I have been trying for days, but I am new to coding.


You need to set the date (in the future) and format it so it's compliant with pmset

Your command should be:

date -v+1M "+%m/%d/%Y %T"

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