I happen to live in Czech Republic and we have such letters like ě, š, č, ť, etc in the alphabet and use them everywhere, including addresses. Today I was filling a PDF form in Evince and noticed that some of these letters either disappear or make the following letter disappear in view/print mode (everything is ok when I am editing the field). Any ideas why can this happen and how to fix this?

XUbuntu 12.04, Evince 3.4.0.

Update: I have installed the Adobe brand Acrobat Reader (9.5.1) and it has no problems with the letters.


This behavior is caused by a known bug in poppler (reported at least here and here) related to unicode characters. There is no fix at the moment, you just have to follow the bug tracker.


you need to install msttcorefonts

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  • This might solve the problem, but is a bit minimal. Did this solve the issue for you or are you just 'guessing' this might solve the problem? – Anthon Dec 2 '13 at 13:56

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