Is it possible to use find to recursively search a path but to only step through into a path which is symbolic link to a specified depth of n?

There is -maxdepth but this includes regular directories while I only want to limit the symbolic link depth.


Try something along the line of:

$ find -L -maxdepth n -path "/my/path/pattern" -xtype l -print

Short explanation:
- This should only print symbolic links to the specified depth, n, where n is a positive integer.
- Options must precede arguments. This means that the order in which the cmd above is written matters. Anyway, bash will complain otherwise.
- -print is the default so you can omit it in this case.

According to the man page on bash v4.4.12, the magic happens owing to:

-xtype c
The same as -type unless the file is a symbolic link. For symbolic links: if the -H or -P option was specified, true if the file is a link to a file of type c; if the -L option has been given, true if c is `l'. In other words, for symbolic links, -xtype checks the type of the file that -type does not check.

This works for me.

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