I'd like to change the default target launched by systemd --user.

From ArchLinux wiki:

When systemd user instance starts, it brings up the target default.target

From man 7 systemd.special:

When systemd runs as a user instance, the following special units are available, which have similar definitions as their system counterparts: exit.target, default.target, shutdown.target, sockets.target, timers.target, paths.target, bluetooth.target, printer.target, smartcard.target, sound.target.

To change the system-wide default target, you can run systemctl set-default name. To change the default user target, you call systemctl --user set-default name.

The problem is, on what target should my custom target depend so that no other user-defined targets are broken? Obviously, depending on default.target doesn't help :)

$ cat /usr/lib/systemd/user/default.target
# ...

So it seems depending on the basic.target should work. I did it and everything seems to work as it should. However, if you have any more insights, please, share them here :)

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