I am running mutt as my email client, with abook to manage addresses.

I understand that to send a query to abook I can use Q, with the relevant part of my muttrc being:

set query_command = "abook --mutt-query '%s'"

But this requires me to type some query, which will shorten my address list. Often I want to browse through my entire address book to find the relevant recipients, especially if I can't remember their name at first.

Is there a way to send an empty query to abook, to display all of my contacts?


You can use "" as an argument. Press Q in mutt and then just enter "" and press enter. You can also test it in a command line ( I added 2 public addresses for a test):

$ abook --mutt-query ""

help-gnu-emacs-bounces@gnu.org  help-gnu-emacs-bounces@gnu.org
auth@gmane.org  Gmane Autoauthorizer

Alternatively you can use aliases. Set this in your .muttrc:

set alias_file=~/.mutt-alias
source ~/.mutt-alias

Now press a inside mutt to run create-alias function. You can then display a list of all of your aliases by pressing Tab when choosing a recipient.

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