Hopefully, this should be an easy question for the experienced.

I have a list of folders (x1,x2, ..., xn) in a folder called "origin" (i.e. /origin/x1, /origin/x2 etc).

I want to take a particular file (im1.tif in my case) from each folder x1,x2, ..., xn in /origin and copy it to a folder in a destination folder called 'dest', which has the same name (i.e. /dest/x1, /dest/x2 etc).

Could someone help me with this?

Thank you!


find + bash solution:

find /origin -type f -name "*.tif" -exec bash -c \
'd="$(dirname $1)"; d=${d##*/}; fn=${1##*/}; 
[ -d "/dest/$d" ] && cp "$1" "/dest/$d/$fn"; ' _ {} \;

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