So I was messing around. I installed debian, everything worked fine. I had to re-install debian for whatever reason. It decided to do something different and now I'm stuck with a 800x600 resolution (display settings don't allow me to go above). I think my problem is similar to this one:


because I'm pretty sure that it's using the VESA driver. Now I'm hoping I can change VESA to the appropriate intel driver. My questions are:

  1. how would I change to using the appropriate intel graphics driver (gma3600) ?
  2. would changing this driver require reinstalling the operating system? (there was talk of this in the thread I linked to). Or which kernel do I need to have?

Part of the reason why I'm asking is because this seems to require a lot of sensitive configuration and I don't want to spend the next couple of hours (days) troubleshooting.

If it makes any difference the processor is an intel atom N2600.


You need to get grub to setup the VESA mode 1024x600 (or whatever your laptop is supposed to support). For this you need the following lines in /etc/default/grub.


You should also use the fbdev driver instead of vesa for X to get slightly better graphics.

If you are more adventurous, you may want to try the steps I have outlined in my post yesterday:

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