We got a few new machines: x3850 x6.

All could pxe boot fine, except one machine, that gives the following kernel panic, looks like an exciting issue:

enter image description here

We cannot even scroll up after the kernel panic occurs, after 30-40 seconds. It hungs so bad, that I cannot even type anything.

Anybody have any clue, what could the problem possibly be? If it is a HW bug, then what to replace? CPUs? Motherboard?

  • the BIOS settings are the exact same vs. working ones
  • the firmware/bios versions are the exact same vs. working ones
  • tried cold boot, the same kernel panic
  • tried to boot with kernel parameters: "acpi=off" - it just did the same kernel panic at ~18 sec, not the usual panic at 30-40 sec.
  • tried: "noapic nomodeset xforcevesa" - panic after 30-40 sec.
  • tried: "acpi=off noapic nomodeset xforcevesa" - panic after 30-40 sec.
  • tried: "isolcpus=0" boot param, same kernel panic, after 30-40 sec.
  • tried to boot a slacko-5.6-PAE.iso - it booted normally! 3.10.5 SMP PAE. But we have to use SLES. The PAE kernel only sees ~65 GByte RAM, if that is a useful info.
  • tried: https://www.memtest86.com/downloads/memtest86-iso.zip to run a simple memtest, but after 59 seconds of run without memory error, the machine freezed. -> UPDATE: The Memtest86+ from: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso doesn't freezes.

Once I seen: "Kernel panic - not syncing: Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 18" - there are 4 CPUs in the machine, each has 18 cores, so don't know which one is this..

UPDATE: with the "maxcpus=0" kernel boot parameter, it finally booted, but still investigating, because still said: "A start job is running for Activation of LVM2 logical volumes (Xmin xs / no limit)" - but maybe CPU HW issue?

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  • to scroll up try Shift-PageUp. – meuh Dec 20 '17 at 18:32
  • no, it doesn't work, but could record the full terminal with the IMM's recording solution, but nothing interesting there.. – whoonetets Dec 20 '17 at 18:40
  • Is that really a panic? It looks like the machine has continued to run after the stack trace, so it may just be a recoverable error. Does the boot eventually complete or is it hung? – Murray Jensen Dec 21 '17 at 6:57
  • 2
    I think the memtest86 freezing is the nail in the coffin. That tools is basically a minimal OS which rules out this is just the OS. – jdwolf Dec 24 '17 at 6:07
  • Might be a stupid proposition but ... i already had a machine that won't even boot if a strange PS/2 mouse was connected to it. Did you try to boot with other peripherals ? I suggest this as i see some message about your peripherals in the output log you provide us so ... – Carpette Dec 26 '17 at 15:13

After an emulex card driver upgrade, it doesn't kernel panic any more.

Version to 11.4.1186.3

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