I recently started using the adb command line utility tool and what I'm trying to do is to extract all of the images from a folder on my android device. I've tried the command below with no success.

 adb pull /data/media/0/Pictures/Screenshots/*.png   /root/Desktop

I've also tried a specific image

 adb pull '/data/media/0/Pictures/Screenshots/Screenshot_2017-12-15-04-51-19.png'

every time i run the adb pull command i seem to get the error

 adb: error: remote object '/root/data/media/0/Pictures does not exist'

adb is case sensitive, so i made sure i was accurate before proceeding with the above commands

update: I have tried the adb push command but it outputs the error code

 adb: error: failed to copy : Read-only file system

i failed to mention in the above example of pulling a file from my adb device, i was successful in pulling 5 wifi files, but the picture extractions remain unknown... at this point i have narrowed it down to the media folder, it will extract the data, but anything past it gets lost, file not found.

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Try "adb push", copy a file from your host to device to that location.

You can also verify the location(path) by using "adb shell" command. After executing "adb shell", you will get a shell prompt of your device and you can verify the location in it.

If "adb shell" or "adb psuh" doesn't work then make sure your device is connected to host properly and you gave the permission.

You can restart the adb by using "adb kill-server && adb start-server" command.


adb: error: remote object '/root/data/media/0/Pictures does not exist'

You forgot a trial slash behind 'Pictures'

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