After having trouble with my python I had to reinstall my LXDE with

apt-get install task-lxde-desktop

All my settings remained working except one I don't know if it depends on the reinstallation or a setting I have to make.

LXDE has its own login screen on startup. Before the reinstallation I had a shortcut on my suspend key to invoke lxlock and I had the login screen again.

After the reinstallation I have the same shortcut remaining but I see this aweful login screen from xscreensaver which I'm not able to get rid of.

My xscreensaver settings are strict deactivated. I don't need the screensaver.

So how to get rid of the XScreenSaver login and go to the LXDE login?

Edit (2017-12-19)

I don't want to remove the XScreenSaver package, while this causes lxlock to be removed too. I just wan't to change the login screen displayed. Remove XScreensaver login and show the LXDE startup login instead.

Additionally I found out that the menu Logout / Screen Lock causes the same login screen. So it's a generally configuration somewhere on my system I have to find and to alterate.

Edit ( 2017-12-19)

After diggin' around I found out I was wrong with the assumptionlxlock will be removed with xscreensaver. So I did what @ipor-sircer mentioned and removed xscreensaver.

man lxlock shows that lxlock invokes


in the shown order.

After the removal of xscreensaver nothing happens while invoking lxlock. I found out, that light-locker is the only package installed. But I didn't manage to get it running manually.

  • apt purge xscreensaver Dec 19, 2017 at 12:56
  • Please read the edit I made. Should sort some needs out.
    – codekandis
    Dec 19, 2017 at 13:11


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