I have rebound my right shift key (keycode 62) to act as the up arrow by replacing Shift_R in its keysym with Up:

$ xmodmap -e "keycode  62 = Up NoSymbol Up"

However when using the key, some applications (e.g. Firefox) still see it as a shift key - that is, when it is clicked it acts as both an up key and a shift key.

This means that when used in a textbox, instead of moving the cursor 1 line up, it moves the cursor 1 line up and highlights the text from the previous cursor position to the new cursor position, just like what would happen if you normally did Shift + Up.

How can I remove the Shift functionality from my right shift button, without removing it from the left shift key?


Try to run

xmodmap -e 'remove shift = Up'

before your cmd.

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