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I will see the background wallpaper when autologin is not enabled, but I have to log in manually. When auto login enabled I am logged into the black screen with the mouse and no wallpaper.I want the wallpaper to appear in autologin too.I already spend a lot of time on this.I have tried Openbox without lightdm also using feh.But autologin and startx had to be done manually.As I am not well versed with xinit.I am trying to do it for the kiosk to show a wallpaper before loading time taken by chrome to fetch website.


If lightdm is configured with autologin-user, it doesn't run any greeter. It immediately opens a session for the given user and hands over to a window manager. Setting your window manager's background should do what you want, e.g. for openbox add something similar to:

xsetbg /usr/share/pixmaps/splash.png &

to your ~/.config/openbox. Note, that openbox must run in session mode, e.g.:

$ cat ~/.xinitrc

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