I am a ubuntu-16.04 user and want to upgrade atom to use teletype package.

What I do is:

  1. go to atom's releases page( github.com/atom/atom/releases )

  2. install the latest version which is 1.24.0-beta1 (atom-amd64.deb)

  3. sudo dpkg --install atom-amd64.deb on terminal. It says Unpacking atom-beta (1.24.0-beta1) over (1.23.0-beta1)

When I check atom's version with atom -v I get:

Atom : 1.20.1 Electron: 1.6.9 Chrome : 56.0.2924.87 Node : 7.4.0



Check to see if you have atom installed elsewhere on the system. 1.24beta was installed replacing 1.23beta, but the atom version shows a lower version, so there's probably an installation somewhere else that's picked up first before the one installed by dpkg (higher up in $PATH than the system directories)

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  • I found out that atom-beta does not override atom. They are installed separately so I installed teletype package in atom-beta. – Ridvan Sumset Dec 16 '17 at 17:07

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