In my particular example, I want to be able to remap Control_left + n to output LeftArrow, but also to Control_right + n to output Return. How can I do that? I red through xmodmap man, so as xbinkeys, and spent some time reading xkb custom layouts examples, but still this is question to me. What should I use, example maybe?

  • i don't think you'd want to create those definitions as part of the keymap (on the XKB level). with XKB you could define the n key to output the symbols Left and Return on a higher level (think AltGr aka ISO_Level3_Shift), but mostly ctrl hotkeys are defined and acted on elsewhere. xbindkeys may be a better fit. note many applications use ctrl+n as a hotkey (open a new file or window, etc); attempting to redefine it may not work in all cases. – quixotic Dec 28 '17 at 9:41

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