I have installed firefox and xauth on the centOs 6.6 server as follows:

sudo yum install firefox
sudo yum install xauth

On my mac, I am using iTerm2
On my iTerm2 session, I also exported my display as follows:

export DISPLAY=

Then from my iTerm2 session I ssh to this centOs 6.6 server as follows:

ssh -Y server

Then in my centOs 6.6 server I try to start firefox as follows:


Then I get after a long time the connection timed out error as follows:

$ firefox&
[1] 56352
$ connect port 6000: Operation timed out

Can someone please help me fix this so that I can start firefox on centOs 6.6 using from iTerm2 on mac using ssh?

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    Do you have X11 running on your Mac? – muru Dec 15 '17 at 7:18

Able to open firefox now.
But it is extremely slow
Anything I type in URL, it shows getting typed after big lag.
Same is for any form input values.
I wanted to use it for automation suite.
So probably its useless for any practical purpose.

Following steps worked for me:

1) On centOs server:

sudo yum install firefox
sudo yum install xauth

2) On Mac - installed XQuartz and opened its terminal.
Basically followed this link https://uisapp2.iu.edu/confluence-prd/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=280461906

Did not export DISPLAY this time on xterm on mac.

3) xhost +

4) ssh into the centos server from the xterm (from quartz) not iterm2:

ssh -Y server

5) Started firefox in centos from xterm:

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