I am running a Debian unstable (updated on a daily basis) with a Gnome3 desktop. Since a few months, the auto-detection of the headphone jack stopped to work totally. Previously, the audio mixer of the Gnome3 desktop would automatically switch the audio to the headphone and mute the speakers when the headphone jack is detected.

Right now, it seems that the detection of the headphone jack is no more working anymore. So, I have to set the sound and the desired audio channel by hand in alsamixer (which is a bit time consuming).

I do believe that the original problem is just coming from the fact that the headphone jack is no more detected (I checked that through the pavucontrol application).

So, first, I would like to have a way on command line only to check if the headphone jack is detected or not. Then, second, I would like to better understand how pulseaudio and alsa interact and can be triggered. And, finally, if somebody has an idea on how to make this auto-detection work, I would be extremely grateful! :)

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    Autodetection is normally performed by ALSA. If it is failing then the issue is there. There may be an input device associated with the audio hardware; you can check there for events to see in insertion can be detected. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Dec 13 '17 at 17:11

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