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I was trying to run one of the scripts (for example, wrapper.sh) which internally executes other scripts using crontab. It works fine without any issues.

When i have created a environment file (which stores the passwords-DB and paths) and trying to execute the main script (wrapper.sh) the cron entry doesn't work on those scripts which are called internally in the wrapper.

I tried changing PATH, added env file location before the script in cron but it still didn't work:

9 9 * * * . /$SOMEPATH/some.env; /$SOMEPATH/wrapper.sh

The environment script and wrapper.sh are in same path. when the cron runs it passes the env variables to wrapper but not to the scripts which are called internally in wrapper. Also a mail is received on /var/mail/$user saying the env file as "No such file or Directory". I've gone through many posts but couldn't figure out the resolution.

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  • If you tries to get a correct answer, please, could you explain us with an example what is the goal of what your doing, how you do it, and what's not working as expected. For me your issue rely more on environement variable but can't be sure as you dont show us your script and don't explain what's not working. Please consult the unix.stackexchange.com/tour before posting ;-) – Kiwy Dec 13 '17 at 9:45
  • Why don't you source the file with the environment variables from within the script itself? Also, is the / in front of $SOMEPATH a typo? – Kusalananda Dec 13 '17 at 9:45
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