QUESTION: Is there a Kerberos-friendly web browser usable via an SSH console?

I have tried links but it does not seem to work with Kerberos (the webapp asks me for login/password even though I have a valid Kerberos ticket (which I got with kinit).


From my laptop I have command-line access to a server, and need to browse an intranet webapp hosted on that server, using Kerberos authentication.

The server can not ping the laptop, so I can not run Firefox on the server and redirect the DISPLAY to my laptop

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Use ssh as a SOCKS proxy. Pass -D 1080 to ssh and specify localhost:1080 on your spiffy GUI web browser that supports SOCKS and Kerberos.


If you are connected to this server using SSH, you may use "ssh -x" then X will be automatically forwarded (and secured).

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