![I have only one VGA Connected to my monitor but kali linux detecting 2 display connected.

One eDP-1 connection and second DP-1 connection.

I don't know what is eDP-1. But it is showing as build in display.

I can only control DP-1 unknown display as unknown display for my monitor. So the resulation is damn bad :(

How could I make only one monitor detected?

enter image description here

  • eDP-1 is usually the laptop screen and DP-1 would be the external monitor. – rajaganesh87 Dec 9 '17 at 8:02

To tune your monitor settings, you can use the xrandr command.

What is the resolution of your monitor? This 1024x768 seems a little bit oldie thing for me.

  • If your monitor(s) actually have a better resolution, then there is a driver problem.
  • If not, then an xrandr --output eDP-1 --mode 1025x768 switches your monitor eDP-1 to the given resolution. The mode should exist in the xrandr -q output.

Other important thing from your screenshot:

  • xrandr -q is what you wanted to give in the first command, xrandr --q resulted syntax error.
  • Your video card may have multiple outputs, some of them can be detected while there is no monitor bound to them. You can turn them off safely with an xrandr --output HDMI-1-OR-ANYTHING --off.
  • Sometimes your xrandr can't see all your possible modes, in most cases it is a driver problem or a communication problem between your monitor and video card. With the --newmode, --addmode and --delmode options to the xrandr can you correct it.

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