I am trying to restore RHEL OS ( from network, where we have VLANs configured on our switches. So the only way to get to shared folder on remote server with backup image is to configure VLAN.

I booted a machine with Red Hat Recovery CD and ran linux rescue. But in this mode there is no VLAN support. No file under /proc/net/vlan/config and there is no module loaded (lsmod|grep 802 gives nothing).

Is there a way to boot from CD/DVD with 8021q support? modprobe 8021q in a regular linux rescue mode gives error due to missing folders with modules.dep.
On official web site I found some info that we can add more keys after linux rescue command in order to include support of other things.

Does anybody knows how to make linux rescue boot with VLAN support (8021q)?

  • So your vlan is not port based, but tagged one? Anyway you are not booting from network but from cdrom/iso. What about PXE and customer kernel with vlan module and initramfs? – jirib Jun 17 '12 at 19:56

You could boot a CentOS live-cd instead.

Another idea (I did not try that) would be to boot from a different distribution`s rescue-cd (OpenSuSE?)

  • The problem is that I have specific HW with RAID and scripts that I have to use for restore. I cannot user other images. – Angel_Kitsa Jun 18 '12 at 9:49
  • If that specific hardware works with RH 5 in rescue mode it will surely work with newer - other - linux distributions (Try CentOS 6.2). And your scripts are shell-scripts? Should work everywhere. – Nils Jun 19 '12 at 20:15

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