To prevent confusion, I only run one "window" of emacs and so I use window in the emacs sense. I'm looking to get a window split which, let's say 70 in width, contains the completions buffer on the new split when I start emacs. I think I need to have a dedicated window. What I'm basicly trying to achieve is the following.

 |     | A |
 |     |---|
 |  C  | B |

C = where I normally work. A = the completion buffer (also I would like to have messages and everything that emacs throws at me there) B = a shell.

I have now the following added for this purpose in my .emacs:

(split-window-horizontally)   ;; want two windows at startup 
(other-window 1)              ;; move to other window
(shell)                       ;; start a shell
(other-window 1)              ;; move back to first window 

I would like to split the right window another time vertically and I would like to be able to specify the dimensions of each window. Also, I would like to have the dedicated property of the completions, messages, ... window (A) to be true so that emacs doesn't replace it.

I've heard that a lot of people use this setup but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • one on one has dedicated completion windows and stuff
    – Tom
    Jun 17, 2012 at 5:14
  • @Tom, I was talking in the emacs sense of a window and I'm searching for a way to ge windows not frames Jun 17, 2012 at 8:26

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Eventually I was able to get what I wanted with the following in my .emacs file.

  (other-window 1)
  (other-window 1)
  (other-window 1)) ;; finally change back to scratch window

;; open temporary buffers in a dedicated window split
(setq special-display-regexps
          "^\\*elisp macroexpansion\\*$"
          "^\\*local variables\\*$"
          "^\\*Quail Completions\\*$"
          "^\\*SLIME Description\\*$"
          "^\\*.* output\\*$" ; tex compilation buffer
          "^\\*TeX Help\\*$"
          "^\\*Shell Command Output\\*$"
          "^\\*Async Shell Command\\*$"
(setq grb-temporary-window (nth 1 (window-list)))
(defun grb-special-display (buffer &optional data)
  (let ((window grb-temporary-window))
    (with-selected-window window
      (switch-to-buffer buffer)
(setq special-display-function #'grb-special-display)

I found what I needed in this .emacs file on github.


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