I'm trying to install nfs-kernel-server by following command:

apt install -y nfs-common nfs-kernel-server

And it fails with this error:

update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header
dpkg: error processing package nfs-kernel-server (--configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-19) ...
Processing triggers for systemd (229-4ubuntu21) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Tried what I gave found on forums:

apt remove -y rpcbind nfs-common nfs-kernel-server keyutils libtirpc1


apt remove nfs-common nfs-kernel-server

But without any success, always fails.

This is fresh hardened image. I have also flushed iptables and commented hosts.deny to be sure is not that.

Thank you

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apt purge -y rpcbind
apt install -y nfs-kernel-server
  • Don't do the purge, at least not before backing up /etc/exports. Commented Apr 20, 2019 at 19:49

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