I try to write a simple script and store all my favor commands such as grep, find, sed.

when I use history command in shell, I can show all the historical commands with (history) I can reuse the the symbol '!'(Exclamation) to get my old commands:

Let's assume 2099 -> ls -lah (in my history)

>!2099 <- ENTER

>ls -la[CURSOR]

when I type '!2099 <- ENTER', 'ls -la[CURSOR]' in the next line.

does anyone know how to implement it on shell script?

I have tried to remove the '\r' from the input string, but it does't work so far.

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The fc command allows you to edit and list commands from your history. This is useful when scripting anything related to history. List entries with:

fc -ln [first] [last]

-l is the list flag, -n prevents display of the history numbers, [first] and [last] are the numbers from the history command. To list a single command repeat its number. So using your example:

cmd=$(fc -ln 2099 2099)
echo "$cmd"

will display ls -la. The output has a tab at the beginning so you can strip that off by piping fc through sed 's/^\t//' or tr -d '\t'

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