I use Ubutu server 16 .04 and I desire to echo something in the foreground, 2 days ahead, with sleep in the background.

I assume the code I need is similar to the one below (which does both actions in background):

(sleep 2d; echo "Surprise!") &

The problem

The problem is actually comprised of the problems:

  1. I have no idea how to make sleep in the background but its adjacent echo in the foreground.

  2. Even if number 1 is possible, If I'll keep my computer opened, this will appear on my (basic shell's) stdout, after 2 days, but what if in between execution and stdout rendering, I rebooted my system, or had a power cut... If I'm not wrong, these will delete the sleep and the echo from memory and I couldn't enjoy the bounty of their combination.

The question

Is there a way to make an echoed statement appear in my basic shell's stdout (the console I start with after init) even if there was a reboot/power cut, in between?

In other words, I just want to make myself a reminder "Do this, do that" after 2 days, regardless of reboot or any booting of my system.


Use at to schedule the job, and wall to broadcast the message to all logged in users:

$ echo 'echo some message |wall' | at "now +5 min"
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 6 at Tue Dec  5 00:52:00 2017

[five minutes later]

Broadcast message from i...@...a (somewhere) (Tue Dec  5 00:52:00 2017):

some message

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