I run various openSUSE systems with btrfs file systems. On these setups, openSUSE uses Snapper to manage filesystem snapshots. Every time I finish updating the system using Zypper or the YaST software management tool, htop and iotop show that the Snapper process is busy doing its thing (presumably creating a new snapshot). This activity can last for several minutes.

Sometimes after updating, it's necessary to reboot the system (for example, to load a new kernel). When such a reboot is necessary, is it better to wait for Snapper to finish? That is, are there any downsides to not waiting? Will this prevent Snapper from creating a snapshot, or will it pick up from where it left off once I reboot?

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I don't know what snapper is doing (strace could tell you if you attach it for a moment) but it is not creating the snapshot because that takes only a moment and would not be shown as snapper I/O anyway.

It may be snapper comparing snapshots.

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