I'm following this tutorial from the lxde wiki.

I'm able to follow along and compile the plugin, however I don't know where to place the resulting object file.

The tutorial says:

After placing the resulting test.so file in /usr/lib/lxpanel/plugins (the place may be different depending on your distro, look where LXPanel puts other dynamic plugins), restart the panel (using lxpanelctl restart), then right-click on the panel and attempt to add a plugin to the panel

My system didn't have that directory, so I created it. However, the plugin still doesn't appear in the list of available plugins after copying the object file and "restarting the panel". I'm pretty certain I need to copy the object file to a different location, but I'm not sure where that is or how to find it.

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On my distro (Ubuntu Server 18) it was at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxpanel/plugins however a good way to find it is using the find command in combination with grep.

Personally I used this command to find my plugins directory:
find / 2>/dev/null | grep lxpanel | grep weather.so
And thats assuming your installation came with the default LXDE weather plugin

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