Please consider this code:

    mysql -u root -p << MYSQL
        drop user '${test}'@'localhost';
        drop database ${test};

        create user '${test}'@'localhost' identified by '${psw}';
        create database ${test};
        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON ${test}.* TO ${test}@localhost;

The code outputs the following error for the first command drop user '${test}'@'localhost';:

ERROR 1396 (HY000): Operation DROP USER failed for '${test}'@'localhost'

My question

How could I make the program ignores this error if it appears, so that execution doesn't break?

For example, how could I make sure the program will behavior this way:

"Drop if you already have a user by the value of ${test}, and if you don't, just continue to create it".

Of course, the same question goes for the second drop command dealing with the DB instance.

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Use IF EXISTS clause:

DROP USER IF EXISTS '${test}'@'localhost';

An error occurs if you try to drop an account that does not exist. If the IF EXISTS clause is given, the statement produces a warning for each named user that does not exist, rather than an error.



You could also force the mysql tool to ignore errors on all commands:

If you want the script to continue even if some of the statements in it produce errors, you should use the --force command-line option.

i.e. mysql --force -u root -p << ...

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  • Hmm, I assume it will runover/runthrough the sexisting once already created with the same name (in case I created them manually before executing my above code). Commented Dec 2, 2017 at 23:34

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